Wicklow fire resistant Hydraulic Oil

Wicklow FRE 46 is an ISO 46 synthetic ester type fire resistant hydraulic fluid designed to replace anti-wear, mineral oil based hydraulic oils used in fire hazardous and environmentally sensitive hydraulic applications without compromising overall hydraulic system operation. Wicklow FRE 46 is based on a high purity, synthetic ester and fortified with carefully selected additives to achieve excellent hydraulic fluid performance. It does not contain water, mineral oil or phosphate ester.

Wicklow FRE 46 is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications where there is a fire risk, where there is environmental sensitivity and/or where extremes of ambient temperatures prevail.


ISO 15380 HEES,Denison HF-2, HF-6. Wicklow FRE 46 meets the requirements of standards OECD 201, 202 & 203 for ecotoxicity and OECD 301B for biodegradability.

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