ws25 pump

WS25 Rotary Barrel Pumps


Best value, general purpose cast iron manually operated rotary barrel pumps, mainly used for oil and diesel.

Hand operated rotary action barrel pumps

  • Fluid: all grades of oil ~ diesel ~ anti-freeze ~ kerosene
  • Viscosity: 440 cSt / SAE30
  • Wetted parts: cast iron ~ sinter steel ~ nitrile
  • Fitting: 2″ BSP barrel adaptor

Model No. WS25

  • Flowrate: 25 litres per minute
  • Inlet/outlet mm: 23 / 23
  • Riser tube: rigid to suit 210 litre barrel
  • Weight: 4.1 kg
  • Additional information
  • Insulated Anti-Static Grounding WiresStatic electricity may be generated by the operation of hand pumps – particularly rotary pumps. In order to prevent sparking caused by static build-up, when pumping flammable liquids a bonding wire must be used. i.e. the container must be grounded to earth by means of a conductive earthing lead fastened between the container and a suitable grounded earth point.